CHIP (Children in Progress) Mumbai is an NGO providing holistic education to children studying in BMC schools


Our primary goal in 2004, was to promote quality education in government schools, giving the students an opportunity to realize their potential and acquire knowledge, new skills, and an attitude that will help them become successful citizens and lifelong learners. Currently, CHIP conducts SEP programs and runs 23 Balwadis across 23 BMC schools. In 2018 we started working with Very Young Adults, especially with young adult Girls.

We are happy to report that we have made significant progress towards achieving these objectives. In our first batch, of SKILL DEVELOPMENT program we have successfully enrolled 38 girls in the program and conducted regular sessions on different topics like Developing Leadership qualities, Gender sensitization and how to overcome Gender biases, Self-Grooming, Retail Management, Soft Skill development, and regular computer classes for MS Office, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Tally ERP. The sessions were interactive, engaging, and informative, and the girls showed enthusiasm and interest in learning new things.

We also provided them with individual and group counseling sessions, Through Shabana Khan from MESCOM Foundation where they could share their personal stories, issues, and aspirations. The counseling sessions helped them to cope with stress, build confidence, and develop positive attitudes.
Furthermore, we enrolled the girls in a computer course that covered basic and advanced skills such as Microsoft Office, internet browsing, email communication, graphic design, and web development. The computer courses were practical and hands-on, and the girls were able to apply their learning to various tasks and projects. The girls who came to our computer classes were given tasks to complete, to evaluate their progress.

Girls also visited Smart Bazar and Westside store at Infinity Malad, in collaboration with the CSR team at Tata Trent to understand the retail management and its complexities.  

We have observed remarkable changes in the girls’ behaviour, outlook, and performance as a result of our project. They have become more confident, assertive, and ambitious. They have also improved their communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. They have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for being part of our program and have shown interest in pursuing further education or employment opportunities in the future.
Leadership building- 
Under the guidance of our Trustee and Program Director, Adv. Kunickaa Sadanand, to develop Leadership qualities, the girls were asked to gather women in the community and search for a community space, in the community and interact with them to know about the problems they are facing, their needs, etc. Three girls namely; Sulekha Mahto, Asmita Shinde and Ruchika gathered women in Vikas Nagar Community and conducted few meetings with them, to get to know and understand their needs and help them to access the resources available to them.

The Peer Leaders created awareness among them and interacted with them. The Program managers (Shabnam Khan and Vijay Dhoiphude) visited the same community and introduced CHIP and the purpose of the organization. They conducted 4 to 5 meetings with the beneficiaries to know them, and their needs, and the problems they are facing. In the meetings, they interacted one-to-one with the participants.

A sense of confidence was built among the beneficiaries, who started sharing about their own needs. Hence, after communicating with the Program Managers and the Peer Leaders, we understood the beneficiaries are interested in learning beautician/parlour courses, mehendi courses, and tailoring courses and generating some income. The problem beneficiaries were facing was that their families do not allow them to work outside. After a few visits to the community, one hall for Mehendi Classes was identified, in the same community, with the support of the local community leaders. Training for Mehndi classes was conducted with the help of Tara Charitable Trust in the Vikas Nagar community.