Fundamento launches AI virtual assistant for frontline teams – Yara

Fundamento uses generative AI to help companies save costs and drive frontline performance with its three-pronged strategy of augmentation, acceleration and automation.

1 Aug, 2023: Delhi-based startup Fundamento, today, introduced its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant Yara, designed specifically for frontline teams such as customer experience and sales.

Yara helps assist agents and even automates manual and repetitive tasks for them. This helps companies improve critical business metrics like AHT, CSAT and Ramp Time while dramatically saving agent costs.

With its advanced use of Generative AI, Yara delivers quick answers to real-time agent problems, provides guided workflows to handhold agents during customer interactions, automates data capture and other manual tasks, hands out prompts to agents on what to say to customers and personalizes training as per individual agent needs.

Fundamento has developed a three-way definitive AI strategy to transform the way frontline teams work – Augment, Accelerate and Automate.

  • Augment equips agents with the assistance they need to handle varied customer queries and objections to dramatically reduce ramp time and improve mission-critical metrics.
  • Accelerate eliminates manual, repetitive tasks for agents so they can focus on personalizing customer interactions while significantly reducing average handling time over chat and voice channels.
  • Automate reduces operating costs by up to 80% with near-human AI bots that handle upstream customer interactions while agents tackle more complex and important challenges.

Moreover, Fundamento is built using the leading, globally-vetted AI stack from IBM and Google.

“With Gen AI, organizational knowledge is no longer centralized or proprietary. Teams can get access to domain knowledge and information on-demand and in the flow of work so they don’t have to spend hours undergoing training for something that is now at their fingertips,” said Ankit Durga, Co-founder & CEO at Fundamento.

“Young professionals today care most deeply about learning and growth. AI-powered virtual assistants, that help them do their jobs better and aid them in their career progression, can help build enduring teams of the future,” he added.

Based in New Delhi, the company is supported by investors including Binny Bansal (co-founder, Flipkart), Caesar Sengupta (co-founder, Arbo Works, and former VP, Next Billion Users, Google), Kunal Shah (founder, CRED), Pankaj Chaddah (Founder, Shyft/Zomato), and Amrish Rau (CEO, Pine labs) among others.