STAIRS Foundation Appoints Dr. Sunil Purohit to Spearhead Physical Education and Sport Science Division

The Society for Transformation, Inclusion, and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS), headquartered in New Delhi, India, proudly announces the appointment of Dr Sunil Purohit as the National Head of the esteemed Physical Education and Sports Science Division. This significant development underscores STAIRS Foundation’s commitment to promoting sports excellence and nurturing young talent, aligning with the United Nations’ vision for inclusive and empowering opportunities for youth worldwide.

In his new capacity as National Head, Dr Purohit assumes a critical role in shaping the future of sports education, research initiatives, and coach training at STAIRS Foundation. Leveraging his profound expertise and dedication to excellence, Dr Purohit’s leadership will undoubtedly foster the growth and potential of athletes and coaches associated with the organisation, contributing to sustainable development in the realm of sports.

Welcoming Dr Purohit, Shri Siddhartha Upadhyay,President of STAIRS Foundation and Former Governing Council Member of Sports Authority of India, expressed, “The arrival of Dr Sunil Purohit marks a momentous occasion for STAIRS Foundation. His unwavering passion for sports and deep-rooted expertise in sports science will strengthen our organisation’s impact, advancing a brighter future for aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts nationwide.”

“I am truly honoured and exhilarated to be a part of the STAIRS Foundation, an institution that shares my unwavering zeal for sports and empowering the next generation of athletes,” expressed Dr Sunil Purohit. “I eagerly look forward to collaborating with STAIRS in fostering a brighter future for sports education and innovation, leaving a positive impact on the lives of countless young talents.”

Dr Sunil Purohit is a distinguished Assistant Professor at the School of Sports Science, Central University Rajasthan, where he has made profound contributions to sports education. With an impressive 14-year tenure as the Former Junior Scientific Officer at the Sports Authority of India, Dr Purohit has played an instrumental role in shaping the sports landscape in the country.

Recognised for his outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to sports science, Dr Purohit received the prestigious PODIUM International Scholarship, which allowed him to participate in the Pre-London Olympics ICSEMIS Conference, further enriching his expertise and global perspective.