The evolving IT landscape and the role of system administrators in its seamless functioning

28th July 2023 is celebrated as System Administrator Appreciation day. System Administrators and IT workers empower businesses by managing networks, ensuring data privacy, dealing with cybersecurity and much more. However, their contribution often goes underappreciated. This day marks the perfect occasion to acknowledge their hard work.  

Kamala Kannan, IT services Manager, ManageEngine, talks about the evolving IT landscape and the role of system administrators in its seamless functioning.

With the IT landscape rapidly evolving by the day, system administrators remain one of the vital cogs that enable an organisation to function smoothly and efficiently. With their prominence in the modern day enterprise only increasing after the pandemic, sysadmins are entrusted with tackling a wide range of IT-related issues, including hardware, data privacy, access management, etc. and work round the clock to keep technology systems running smoothly and seamlessly.

As businesses nowadays are constantly pushing for new technology – such as cloud-based systems – the importance of their roles remains overlooked, despite their work having a direct impact on the organization’s productivity, security, and scalability. As the cornerstones of stability in a world where technology drives the growth of businesses, they are truly deserving of appreciation for their contributions towards the success of organizations across the globe.” – Kamala Kannan, IT services manager, ManageEngine.