Bollywood Stars and Celebrities – Their Motoring Lifestyle and the Luxury SUVs they own

Celebrities frequently buy luxury cars and then have them modified to suit their desires and make a style-statement. This distinguishes and elevates the vehicles. These vehicles also display a sense of style and uniqueness. While the majority of Bollywood’s top actors drive luxury sedans and sporty automobiles, some famous people prefer SUVs and other large, powerful vehicles.

Take a look here at the luxury SUVs and the ideal tyres which optimise performance of these cars owned by celebrities

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is well-known for his collection of high-end automobiles. The cricketer, a right-handed batsman for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL has made plenty of headlines due to his ownership of expensive cars. This time, though, take a look at his first SUV, the ‘Tata Safari’. Some of the SUV tyres suitable for this beast are: CEAT Czar A/T,Goodyear Wrangler Triplemax, Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055, Hankook Dynapro HL, Yokohama BluEarth RV02 to name a few.

Rama Rao Jr is one of Tollywood’s most well-known and famous actors. With several terrific Tollywood flicks, the actor built his brand and won the hearts of millions. Apart from his passion for films, the actor is also a big car enthusiast. He believes in having expensive luxurious automobiles, just like his larger-than-life flicks. Some of the SUV tyres suitable for Lamborghini Urus are : Yokohama Advan Sport V105, EAGLE NCT5, V8, Pearl Capsule, Performante and many more.