Stonehill’s IBDP Results remain comfortably above world averages with 19% of students receiving Bilingual Diplomas

Stonehill International School’s  International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) scores have remained comfortably above the world average now for the eleventh consecutive year. 

The average IB score for Stonehill students was 33.5 points against a likely global average of 30 points with our Valedictorian, Wonjun Lee, achieving an outstanding score of 41 points. 8 students  (19% of the cohort) were awarded Bilingual Diplomas in French, Japanese, Korean and Turkish.

18 students (42% of the cohort) scored 35 points and above. Three students scored 40 points or more, which puts them amongst the world’s top 5% of IB students. Students who scored above 40 were Wonjun Lee, Rhea Krishna and Malina Wunsch.

Stonehill students have received top grades (7/7) in almost all IB Diploma Programme subjects offered at the school this year, including less common subjects like Environmental Systems and Societies, Visual Arts and Theatre, which demonstrates the quality of instruction across a broad range of academic disciplines at the school.

Joe Lumsden, Deputy Head of School and Secondary School Principal commented, “Stonehill strongly believes in providing as many different avenues for success as possible for our students. Each of our 43 students was able to select a different combination of DP courses in order to forge their own unique pathway to a future of their choice, and we are always pleased to see students attaining the highest grades in every subject group. With such a diverse, international cohort of students, it’s also gratifying to see almost 20% of the class receiving Bilingual Diplomas from the IB this year.”

70% of the Class of 2023 received offers from the world’s top 100 universities, including UC London, the University of Warwick, the University of Manchester,  the University of St. Andrews, King’s College London, the University of California, the University of British Columbia and Berklee College of Music. So far, the class of forty three students have secured  scholarships worth 1.47 million USD.