De Beers Forevermark Partners with Jos Alukkas Jewellers in Coimbatore

De Beers Forevermark, the world’s leading and trusted diamond jewellery brand associated with leading South Indian jeweller Jos Alukkas today, launching at their store in Coimbatore. Talented film star and model Pavitra Lakshmi graced the occasion.

The two brands offer exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality of diamonds. Their synergy has brought about an ideal collaboration offering the world’s most beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, natural diamonds set in intricately designed, unique and beautiful jewellery.

Adorned with beautiful De Beers Forevermark jewellery, talented film star Pavithra Lakshmi, said: “It is indeed a pleasure to associate with De Beers Forevermark and Jos Alukkas. Knowing that each De Beers Forevermark diamond is inscribed with a unique identification number, is natural, hand-selected and comes with a promise of being natural, beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced makes me feel extra special to wear this beautiful piece of jewellery today. The women of Coimbatore will surely appreciate these beautiful diamonds which are available in a wide range of designs.”

Celebrating the partnership, Mr. Varghese Alukka, Managing Director, Jos Alukkas said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with De Beers Forevermark, a renowned global diamond brand. Our association with De Beers Forevermark enables us to present our customers with an impeccable range of contemporary and traditional designs. This collaboration promises our valued customers a sense of exclusivity that is truly unparalleled.”

Speaking about the collections, Mr. Paul J Alukka, Managing Director, Jos Alukkas said, “We are elated to be associated with De Beers Forevermark. Their timeless and classic collections crafted with natural diamonds has already seen a rise in demand among women in South India, particularly with the younger generation. In Coimbatore, we are offering the latest global designs from De Beers Forevermark which range from classic solitaire jewellery to traditional jewellery with a modern twist.”

Speaking about the association, Mr. John Alukka, Managing Director, Jos Alukkas said, “De Beers Forevermark is committed to providing only genuine, natural diamonds that are responsibly sourced. Our customers can be assured that they are purchasing among the world’s most beautiful diamonds and can be proud of what they own when they buy a De Beers Forevermark diamond from our store. It is truly an honour to be associated with a global diamond brand like De Beers Forevermark who has a legacy of diamond expertise spanning over 135 years.”