“Perfect Corp. continues to break boundaries throughout the globe by providing breakthrough AI and AR-powered services and solutions

Perfect Corp. the leading SaaS artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider partners with leading fashion and beauty brands in India to offer customers the latest beauty technologies such as AgileFace®, AgileHandTM, Makeup AR, Live 3D Face AR, Skincare AR, and Face AI. Currently, Perfect Corp. have onboarded multiple brands including Good Glamm Group, SUGAR Cosmetics, The Derma Co, and Mamaearth in India and envisions to increase the brand portfolio by 5x over the next two years.

AgileFace®, a patented AR technology, is designed for beauty and fashion brands of all sizes who are striving to provide the best-in-class virtual try-on experience in terms of accuracy, speed, and inclusivity. The AgileHand™ technology innovation marks an AI breakthrough that uses specialized 3D hand-mapping across hands and wrists and advanced Physically Based Rendering (PBR) for precision product renderings that consider different materials and textures like metals, leather, wood, and silk. Skincare AR is a cutting-edge AI and AR skin analysis tool. Deep learning technology is used by the AI skin diagnostic platform to offer users in-the-moment skincare advice. Face AI is a powerful AI technology that taps into deep learning algorithms to provide highly accurate facial mapping for a true-to-life makeover experience. When combined with market-leading AR technology, users can experience a highly realistic makeover with true color and texture matching.

Perfect Corp., which is already working with over 500 high-profile brands in over 80 countries, is already redefining consumer shopping journeys with leading brands. It aims to expand into tangible sectors beyond beauty and fashion and augment its AI, AR and SaaS solutions such as product try-on, facial diagnostics, and digital consultation solutions.

Alice Chang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Perfect Corp., commented, “Perfect Corp. is revolutionizing the fashion and beauty sectors. With our industry-leading AR and AI SaaS solutions, we democratize the purchasing process for customers and businesses. At Perfect Corp. we use cutting-edge technologies to enable both big and small firms to offer their customers an enjoyable, convenient, and personalized omni channel shopping experience. We believe in building brand loyalty and the way forward to it is by giving the best digital experiences”.

With 44 granted patents and other pending patent applications, Perfect Corp., since launch in 2015 globally, has been empowering beauty & fashion brands.  Today, 95% of the top 20 global beauty groups and over 500 beauty brands have used its enterprise solutions resulting in up to 2.5x increased sales conversion, a 40% increase in average order value, and a significant decrease in product returns for many brands.

Tanuj Mishra, India Country Head of Perfect Corp. added, “Perfect Corp. continues to break boundaries throughout the globe by providing breakthrough AI and AR-powered services and solutions that benefit brands and customers. We are excited to expand our offerings with the patented AgileFace® and Agile Hand™ technologies in India. As part of our commitment in India, we are expanding our business and collaborating with some leading brands to help their customers encounter a more personalized and immersive shopping experience. Additionally, we are planning to increase the brand partnership by 5X/500 by 2025.”