Tuesday, May 30, 2023

: Smart Commerce by Amazon recently sparked conversations with an initiative that shines a spotlight on how results by generative artificial intelligence (AI) on ‘Women in Business’ are hugely biased. Conceptualised by GOZOOP Group, the campaign – #unbAIsed, encourages the need to consciously populate the internet with stories of women in business to right this gross imbalance.

The campaign #unbAIsed addresses the fact that AI is not inherently exhibiting any bias towards a particular gender. It is the biased nature of data that we’ve been feeding the internet, over decades, that has led to skewed results.

While much progress has been made in recent years, the campaign vividly showcases the inherent bias that continues to exist, especially in the space of entrepreneurship, business and commerce. The communication also highlights why it is not just important, but imperative, to acknowledge and celebrate women entrepreneurs across the board, towards creating a more equitable online environment for future generations.

Burzin Mehta, Chief Creative Officer, GOZOOP Group shares, “As generative AI becomes an inherent part of our lives, it is critical that it generates a balanced view of our world. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and more so, when it comes to professions and professionals, which is why #unbAIsed. A campaign that aims to show that it is us who is responsible for the bias AI displays and it’s up to us to make things right.”

As the agency on record for Smart Commerce by Amazon, GOZOOP Group is responsible for accelerating social media conversations of the platform among business owners and customers.