Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Neha wants to promote Eastern culture, women in spiritual leadership positions and empower humanity by creating films, content and opportunities which explore deeper truths, bridge the gap between east and west, body mind and soul.

Woman spiritual leader Sadhvi Ji, left her cushy life to help people find their paths to inner fulfilment when she found her own. It was truly a heart-warming and soul- nourishing experience for the collective that was gathered this day to learn tools to unleash creativity and inner strength using eastern ways of the heart.

New York’s incredible talent came together to support Neha. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, The Indian consulate in New York, several dignitaries like Tirlok Malik the filmmaker, Prashant Goyal, founder of heritage India fashions, Shiv Khemka of tGELF, queens world film festival, chip away productions, apple productions and a devoted team including media professionals like Kai MKenna, art director Nabha, influencer Christine Mendes, screenwriter Henry Negrete, producer Boby Lohat, chef Dhara shah, animator Coumba Seye, musician Indro and photographer Rob Klein. TV Asia, ITV, Parikh media, QPTV and so many press and media organisations too joined in full capacity.

“Show me one spiritual scripture ever written by a woman” said Neha when she was asked why she is determined to promote women in spiritual leadership and eastern culture through her films, and work. “When were we as women ever allowed to have a voice, a say and be given the chance to share the wisdom that is trusted only in us as women, as creators? Pain, suffering, each rejection and denial is a portal, for me these are truths of life, stories of resilience of human spirit and I wish to create through them. My work is connecting with people’s hearts as I am able to relate with their hurt, pain and suffering at that very base level of my own. It is time we recognise that everything is created by Shakti, by her power in this world and we need to give her the share of stage, validation and recognition that she deserves. This is my dharma path to say the stories of this Shakti in very many forms and showcase her through all my works.”- Neha Lohia.