Tuesday, May 30, 2023

India’s greenest music festival, Echoes of Earth, is coming for the very first time to the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai, alongside Bangalore, after its successful fifth edition last year on its home turf in Bangalore. The tour led by the British nu jazz collective, The Cinematic Orchestra, will make its way to Mehboob Studios, Mumbai on 15th April to offer a unique Echoes experience rooted in the city’s local ecosystems.

With the theme ‘’Circle of Life’ at its core, the concert will take over the city to highlight and celebrate the diverse ecosystems it is home to – The magical coastlines comprising of Mangroves and wetlands. The Mumbai leg of the tour is in association with (Knowledge and Conservation Partner) WWF –  India, (Curation Partner) Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic, and (Content Partner) Roundglass Sustain and Mongabay.

The concert’s unique format will provide a platform to these partners from the conservation and sustainability space to educate the audience and start an inclusive sustainability dialogue about Mumbai’s ecosystems through powerful human-impact stories, art, music and interactive installations, as well as curated food and flea markets. While the highlight of the festival will be the larger-than-life sustainable stage design focusing on the migratory bird Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor).

The interactive “BiodiverCity” idea jam session will spotlight the need for celebrating and conserving Mumbai’s best-kept secret- its biodiversity – among young Mumbaikars. The session will bring together new and unheard of voices in the conservation space and will encourage young Mumbaikars to collectively co-create ideas and solutions that celebrate and spotlights the “BiodiverCity”. Following this, numerous experts will bring into focus the theme – Circle of Life – with an emphasis on Mumbai’s mangroves through an informative panel discussion. The panelists will deep-dive into the importance as well as the challenges when it comes to protecting the mangrove ecosystem. They will further bring to light innovative solutions by eco-warriors to conserve them. Besides this, the event will also host engaging art spaces including the interactive Biodiversity map of Mumbai by MMM and the Make Art for Mumbai’s Mangroves.

Lastly, culminating the  evening and celebrating the Circle of Life with its music will be the British nu jazz collective, The Cinematic Orchestra, who will move the audience through the evening with their enthralling performance.