Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How it all started : My idol and inspiration behind cooking was ignited by my grandmother. She was a fantastic cook. I was always fond of all Gujrati desserts she used to make as Prasad for God.

?m\It all started when I was 12 years old and my grandmother asked me to make Dosa for her and serve her hot. It wasn’t round but had enough love and focus to be greeted with joy by my grandmother and that is how it all hp[started.

I started taking interest in cooking and understanding the food and its flavours. Despite completing my graduation, I still had a soft corner for food as a career.

My parent’s encouragement helped me in attempting B.Sc. Hospitality studies and I succeeded very well and my career as a hotelier officially started.

Why TPG as a name : TPG stands for Thew Pueblo Gourmet, which denotes the idea of strength in cooking with traditional influence. This abbreviation reflects ‘Village Style Food served in the Modern Kitchen with Chef’s Knowledge’

WHY TPG? : TPG is a place where under one roof you’ll find cuisines from different corners of the world.

Food served here is not only of top quality and authentic but also healthy and affordable. Come join us and take a deep dive to understand the culture, science and emotions behind the food.


After 18 trials of pizza dough recipes, we were able to develop a pizza base dough which is super light and fluffy on the inside and deliciously crusty from the outside.

This dream pizza base is a banger made from authentic Italian flour also known as 00′ flour.

Staying true to our motto of authenticity, our pizzas are baked on a limestone to develop the earthy flavour which adds a key richness to it.

Topped on this dream pizza base is our hand made sauce that hits all the right spots.

Khow Suey

Khow suey is a Burmese noodles dish which has become the heart of the world. This versatile dish is cooked with local spices and coconut milk and served with lots of accompaniments like fried onion, fried garlic, basil, spring onion, peanuts, lemon, chilli oil, Noodles. This one pot meal is full of nutrition, flavours and also an immunity booster as it contains ginger, garlic, turmeric and generous use of exotic vegetables.

Burrito Bowl:

Burrito Bowl is a Mexican dish. It is a modern way of serving traditional Tex Mex Burritos in a Bowl.

This bowl comprises of several elements which includes Mexican flavoured Brown rice, Baked beans, Cheddar cheese, Lettuce salad, salsa sauce, Sour cream, seasonally Guacamole and Nacho chips. Burrito Bowl is a gluten free meal with very low calories and fats.

Italian Pot Rice:

Italian Pot Rice Is Chefs special innovation, the dish invented with the inspiration of Italian cuisine. It’s a combination of rich, Creamy, Cheesy, Tangy, sauce tossed in exotic vegetables and combined with rice.

The beauty and USP of the dish hides in plain sight. It is the Smokey flavour that elevates the dish to the next level.

Grab your spoons and join us at TPG to discover the authentic food from over the world. We guarantee that your taste buds and wallet will not complain.

I am Dhairya Shah, a chef by passion, an adventurer of flavours and owner of Thew Pueblo Gourmet. Like any Gujarati boy, my journey started in Commerce but soon I found my calling.

After completing graduation in B. Com & Diploma in GNIIT Business management, I started pursuing the Hospitality course at Kohinoor College. I was fortunate to then do my industrial training from Vivanta By Taj at Cuff Parade.

My hunger of exploring global culture food took me to the UK where I completed my MA in Culinary Arts Management. With my studies I decided to gain some industrial experience. I started working at NOVOTEL (Accor group of hotels).

The 18 months I worked here and exploring food in UK with different culture and people, it taught me the necessary skills with which I was able to open my own cloud kitchen named Thew Pueblo Gourmet (TPG).

Courtesy : In Conversation with Dhairya Shah – Restaurateur, Thew Pueblo Gourmet (TPG), Mumbai, India.