Tuesday, May 30, 2023

KRAFTON, Inc., has released the first update for its newly launched game Road to Valor: Empires, a real time player-versus-player (PvP) strategy game. The update introduces new training modes, alliance settings and more free rewards. The update also brings new weekly special chests that will be available to users at a discount. Coinciding with the update, KRAFTON has announced the launch of an in-game event “Gold Rush” in which users stand the chance to win 20,000 Gold coins.

An 8-day event, Gold Rush will offer players an opportunity to win extra gold coins in 1:1 battles by destroying enemy towers. Users will receive 200 Gold coins for every enemy tower they destroy in a battle and 600 Gold coins for destroying all three enemy towers. The event starts on 3rd April and will continue till 10th April, with a total of 20,000 Gold coins up for grabs.

The 1.14 update also brings a host of improvements for guardians, units and siege weapons. The key highlights of the update are:

  • Training Battles: Training Battles have been made available to players who are on Battlefield 1 – 5. In Training Battles, players will have the opportunity to understand the compatibility between units and will also receive a reward upon the completion of these battles. Players will also have the option to turn Training Battles on and off in the game settings.
  • New Alliance Settings: Changes have also been brought to the Alliance setting with the “Invite Only” function has been added. Players will now have the option to select users who applied for membership and add them as Alliance members. Only leaders and advisers will have the ability to select members.
  • New Rewards: The update also brings users the chance to earn more free rewards. While initially users received an attendance reward once a day, they now have the option to double their reward by watching ads. The daily ad view limit has been increased from 1 to 3.
  • Guardian, Unit, Weapon and Building Upgrades:
    • Susanoo’s Active Skill “Kusanagi no Tsurugi” sees improvements in attack damage increments and HP recovery across levels. Building and unit attack damage dealt by “Breath of Orochi” has also been increased
    • Watchtower, Catapult, Tower of Babel, Dwarf Architects and Wooden Barrier have received improvements in speed, deployment time, HP and more.
    • Benkei, Shieldman, Necromancer and Samurai feature improved HP, attack range, damage reduction and more.
    • The victory reward for Guardian’s Trial “Hard” mode has been increased. Users can now earn 1500 gold coins as opposed to the earlier 1000 and 30 rare cards instead of the earlier 26.