Wednesday, March 29, 2023

There are many unsung heroes of charity., One of them was traced in the North Western extended suburbs of Mumbai,so as to say. 

In Maharashtra’s Thane district, a whopping 22 teams of school girls compete against each other every season, reflecting the huge impact the sport has on the society. 

A large number of the young Thane women players comes from poor families living in the slums of Titwala, a pilgrimage town, and nearby Ulhasnagar. 

“Most of these girls live in poverty. Now football and education is giving them an opportunity for a better life,” says Thobias John Thomas, a former Mahindra player who works as a coach and administrator with the Teresarian Sports Academy, based in nearby Palghar district, which provides training, equipment and educational scholarships to women football players.

Well charity and charitable work plays a major role especially when it comes to the underprivileged children in this part of the region,but very cleverly T.J.T has diverted the young minds of underprivileged children from the slum areas to the world of sports, especially speaking of football, as he narrates its to a known Sponsorer.

He says sports will refrain the children from entering into the world of crime for which he puts extra efforts going out of his way in search of boys and girls in the slum areas of Vasai, Nalasopara, Virar.

This gives an opportunity to bring them to the football grounds and training them for which Thobias’ is qualified and holds a ‘D licence,as its called in football terminology.

TJT’ as most call him affectionately, he is Thobias John Thomas, who has traversed a long way in his conviction and passion,in order to fulfill his dreams of life in the charitable work,for which he has registered a football training and academy by the name Teresarian Football Academy, well he proudly acclaims to his noble endeavours and achievements.

He claims’ his boys and girls have been successful at the local level,district level and  national level represented in Football.

As it is needless to say that here in India,since cricket is been given prominence,as Indian team have tasted success in the world of cricket,for quite a long time,its has been a sort of  roller coaster for Cricket in India, from the time of Kapil’s Devils have brought the 1983 World Cup to India its history.

But then in the sports of football its not been so,for matter of fact its difficult journey as also India has never qualified for football cup,nevertheless individuals and organizations have been making strides in this direction.

As noble souls like Thobias John Thomas never lose heart despite  given this travasity of football in India.

Luckily for ‘Thesarian Football Training and Academy, one of the boys who was trained under them,later on joined Solareos, as a Director who never forgot his passion for football, helps as and required by way of providing jerseys etc.

All we can say is that, our best wishes are always there in his endeavour,especially to Thobias John Thomas of Thesarian Football Training and Academy.