Wednesday, March 29, 2023

We live in a world where gender inequality is still prevalent and women struggle to get the same opportunities and recognition as their male counterparts. As a result, many companies are increasingly making efforts to create an environment that is conducive to the progress of female employees. Through initiatives such as increasing women’s representation in leadership roles and offering flexible working hours, companies are striving to make the workplace a safe and secure space for women, where they can feel empowered to reach their full potential. We got in touch with some leaders to understand how businesses are taking steps to ensure their female employees can thrive.

Shruti Jain, CSO, Arihant Capital:- 

At Arihant Capital, we are working on creating a more progressive and inclusive workplace and increasing female representation in leadership positions has always been a given. The biggest challenge women face during their careers is during and after pregnancy. Globally, the attrition rates remain high for women leaving the workforce around this period in their lives because they don’t get enough support from their employers. From our experience, at Arihant Capital, we understand that every pregnancy, baby, and mom is different. To support our female employees during their maternity, we constantly adjust policies to account for individual scenarios.

Flexi-work, work-from-home options, casual dress codes, and customized leaves are a few examples of how we are trying to build a female-friendly organization.  Fostering an equitable culture for all our employees is very important at Arihant Capital. We understand we need to do more and improve our policies. Hence, we are constantly listening to the needs of our female employees, adjusting our policies, and trying our best to build a female-friendly firm. To retain talented women within our organization, we make sure we support them at every stage of their careers.

Vidushi Kapoor, Co-founder, Process 9:-

With more than 30% of our employees being female, Process9 is an equal-opportunity employer. We have enabled flexible working hours and home-based work before COVID made these practices the norm to improve the environment for women. As a matter of policy, we also employ a significant number of women who have taken time off to care for their children or because they were pregnant. All team members who want to work and contribute here will find a welcoming environment thanks to our policies, which are more concerned with fostering that environment. Our policies are primarily concerned with creating a welcoming environment for every team member who wants to work hard and contribute. Results are more important to us than where they were achieved—in the workplace or at home.