Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The instant we hear the word real estate broker or agent, we think of a man for obvious reasons because, for years, we always have seen a man doing this job. But now the coins have flipped; women have made a foray into the real estate industry and made a place for themselves. 

Women have made significant contributions to the real estate industry and continue to do so with their business acumen, aptitudes, and perseverance. The real estate industry undoubtedly provides many opportunities for women to succeed as agents, brokers, property managers, developers, investors, and many more. At Homesfy, we have 30% of women in leadership roles. 

We are trying to escalate more women to be leaders through programs like the young leadership program, aimed at providing education, resources, and networking opportunities for women.

Despite the growing number of opportunities in the real estate industry, social norms and cultural attitudes ‘can make it difficult’ for women to pursue careers in real estate. However, many women have left that ‘can’ a way behind, emerged as successful real estate professionals, and have inspired other women to pursue it. Overall, the role of women in real estate continues to evolve and grow, and there is a great deal of potential for women to make a positive impact in the industry.