Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Born out of thirst to serve quality sinful delicacy food in an environment where businesses only exist to be profitable.

However, at The Chocolate Nation, integrity is our key driver as prime focus is to have customer happiness, continuous improvement in quality and service. There is no compromise on quality and time commitment and that shall remain forever at TCN and all staff has been trained in same manner.

Kausar Imtiaz, Founder of “The Chocolate Nation” with her son as a Co- Founder describes her journey from an avid house maker to an entrepreneur driven out of passion for food. The Chocolate Nation commenced its journey in 2016 when the family moved from United Arab Emirates after spending around 20 years.  ‘’Where this a will there is a way always’’.

Kausar with her relentless desire and search met someone in the chocolate industry which ignited the fire and The Chocolate Nation started operations from a small office. Initially it was chocolates and snack products for families and friends. The product line kept increasing with demands for more as the basic remained unchanged, “keep customer happy with the highest quality ingredients”.

 The Co-founder Mohamed Ali Imtiaz,  the young entrepreneur another feather in cap. Ever since Kausar embarked on her entrepreneurial journey Mohamed Ali is available in the expansion of The Chocolate Nation with his young and enterprising mind with an ambition to make this a well known brand. Being a student he has given his time and effort in this business through conducting events,college sponsorship,establishing our first retail outlet in Bandra west.

Kausar Imtiaz, Founder of “The Chocolate Nation”

Mohammed Ali has been capable of taking this business to the next level by creating awareness of the brand. The Chocolate Nation is ready to start its new journey on the E-commerce platform through various market places along with the outdoor catering division. Mohammed Ali’s involvement became an  integral part of the business which resulted in the growth by handling marketing, procurement, and customer support.

Mohamed Ali Imtiaz, Co-founder ‘The Chocolate Nation

Demand kept growing and the need for newer products and slowly the small office was shifted to a bigger place with higher production capacity and storage space. Marketing activities increased too along with new product line. Once the production was under control with various offerings need was to have a presence in the marketplace and what better place than Bandra. Although the idea was mulling in mind for a while but delayed due to COVID.

A flagship store was opened in 2021 just after relaxation of Covid restrictions. The combined Cafe cum Chocolate shop came into existence and since then no looking back. During this period catering services were introduced offering live stations for chocolate fountain for parties, weddings, and corporate events.

One thing which remained unchanged was customer satisfaction and focus.

Based on feedback newer products were added along with services. Today TCN has earned a reputation in the market for quality products, timely delivery with 100% focus on customer satisfaction. Customer retention rate or rate of repeat customer is close to 100% as most customers have visited our store/Café again and or placed order for different products.

Mohamed Ali as born & bought in Dubai – UAE, belonging to new generation knew the importance to be in E-marketplace and emphasized the need to be available to wider customers through e-commerce platforms. And today entire e-commerce platform is handed successfully by Mohamed Ali and its slowly growing on different online channels.

As we speak, TCN is now embarking on a new journey of expansion with different’

levels of product and service offerings with a renewed focus and strategy to make their presence felt in the market.

Currently The Chocolate Nation offers following both online and offline.

Catering : The Chocolate Fountain and Live Waffle Counter, Bite Size Pastry, Desert Shots etc

Café : Burgers, Pasta, Pizza, Coffee etc 

Cakes : All events and function, any shape size etc

Specialized Designer Truffle Cakes, Cheesecakes, Fudge, Mousse, Cakes in various designs, sizes for any occasion

Gift boxes : Chocolate Gift Boxes for corporate functions and give away.

Gift Hampers: Hampers with the assortment of Chocolates, Cookies, and Nuts, Customized Decorated Hampers Florentine and Brittle are specialized offerings from TCN

TCN focus and strategy remains unchanged on quality and customer focus. TCN is one step ahead then others for customization based on need, occasion, budget and audience and have been appreciated by one and all as this gives a special feeling and happiness to customer and their guests.

Courtesy : In Conversation with Mohammed Ali’ – Restaurateur at The Chocolate Nation,Bandra , Mumbai