Wednesday, March 29, 2023

These days, healthcare seems to have moved far from the days of yore, when patients would get a loving and caring experience, where not only their bodily hurts but also their troubled souls would find healing and rest.

Have you ever wondered if there is any hope for healthcare to change and become human care?

Well, that change is around the corner, and it is happening quietly but surely in and through an organisation in North Mumbai called Shalom Lifecare.

Shalom Lifecare is a partnership firm founded by two Medical Doctors with a combined experience of over 5 decades, is based on the basic principle of God’s love healing all.

The founding partners are Dr. S P Mathew and Dr Vinita Mathew.

We at Shalom Lifecare manage a few Healthcare organisations.

Ashok One Hospital, established in 2018 is the latest addition to our group.

We have a mission, to deliver Total Person care with compassion, integrity, excellence and with a spirit of innovation.

Being willing to learn and be the change makers takes a special attitude, which we believe is possible when we have the Shalom of God in our hearts.

That is why our vision is to bring the Shalom [a positive relationship of peace, love and encouragement] into Healthcare and everywhere.

This is not just a mere statement to adorn our walls, but a firm commitment in which we have invested our entire efforts.

We have experienced the reality of this Shalom in our lives, and seen the difference it has made to thousands of our patients, caretakers and others who come into contact with us on a daily basis.

Many have commented on the positive energy and peace they experience when they walk into our Hospitals. To deliver Total person care is easier said than done!

Medical Professionals are taught from heavy textbooks about everything that Medical Science knows of the human body. Unfortunately, since Medical Science cannot study the soul or spirit, these vital aspects of a human being are missing from the Medical Curriculum.

When we talk of Total Person care, how does the Medical or Healthcare team do it ?

And yet we know that as human beings, we have a body, a mind, and a soul.

That is why we have this unique model of the Support Team, which comes alongside the Medical Team, to deliver Total Person care.

This combined approach delivers a beautiful symphony by which our patients, caretakers and team members can also experience the love and care that they all need so desperately, especially in times of sickness.

Ashok One Hospital is a Multi-Specialty Hospital with a fully equipped Intensive care unit, state of the art OT, and other departments catering to the healthcare needs of the nearby population.

Courtesy : In Conversation with the Founding Partners Dr.S.P.Mathew, Medical Director and Dr Vinita Mathew at Ashok One Hospital ( A Shalom Lifecare Company)