Tuesday, June 6, 2023

United White Flag, released a lovely romantic number “Meri Aashiqui “,  a song about romantic love, falling in love and the feelings that these experiences bring. Saaj Bhatt’s beautiful vocals breathe life into Sanjeev Chaturvedi’s lyrics & composition. Featuring  Abhishek Nigam And Yesha Rughani , this soothing, peaceful & calming track has music by Sanjeev – Ajay  &  produced by – Jitin Agrawal & Rajesh Talesara.

Ramji Gulati says“Meri Aashiqui  narrates love, romance & passion. It does not give momentary pleasure, it makes your soul happy”

Abhishek Nigam says“It is an addictive, smooth and orchestral soundtrack. When I was first approached for the song, I was mesmerized by the audio itself. The recital is very sweet, soothing and catchy. It is happening due to the love of our fans. Now they have to shower there love and make it bigger for us”

Yesha Rughani says“Love is the most universal emotion which anyone and everyone can relate to. Meri Aashiqui speaks the language of love with utmost simplicity, which is very attractive”  
Saaj Bhatt says “The music is something that attracted me the most. Once I heard it, I was hooked and addicted to it. Everyone has done a beautiful job in the song”
Sanjeev Chaturvedi says“A beautiful timeless melody with a new sound & approach, it is surely more welcoming to today’s audience”

Sanjeev – Ajay says “The music of Meri Aashiqui is everything that a romantic song should have and yet it is different from other songs” 

Jitin Agrawal & Rajesh Talesara says “I would like to congratulate the entire team. We are excited & looking forward to the response from the audience”