Tuesday, June 6, 2023

It was a very innovative Christmas celebrations at Deeksha. “STEMNIVAL – A carnival celebrating the world of STEM” was organized at Deeksha STEM School, Judicial Layout campus Parents and children from all over Bangalore were in attendance at STEMNIVAL to experience firsthand the attributes that put STEM education in a league of its own. It was a first of its kind educative Carnival organized to celebrate Christmas. ”Deeksha STEM, the network of STEM schools is known for bringing a paradigm shift in K-12 education and also for organizing events to propagate the education philosophy represented by STEM.

At the STEMNIVAL, the entire landscape of Deeksha STEM was dotted with numerous attractions for the kids to play, create, and get inspired. The highlights were the “3D Caps and Modelling and Space Station” wherein the kids got artistic and created artifactsand models like caps and got their imaginations fired by the simulated space station; the “World of Mysteries” which saw kids getting analytical and investigative and solving detective mysteries.

Then there were the “World of Nature” where the children enjoyed the replicas of natural environments and wildlife and the Planetarium for the parents and children to lose themselves in the marvels of the universe.

Wonders of Chemistry came alive at the“Crazy Chemistry” station where the children got to witness the miracles of mixtures and compounds in a riveting series of experiments and demonstrations. What a way it was to instill in children a love for science!

STEMNIVAL was a celebration of the creative pursuits of innovative minds and the “World of Art” where different art forms found their pride of place and “Bandhani Art Workshop” stations were quite fitting.  In addition, there were art and costume competitions, and musical chairs. The art competition saw both the kids and parents participate with fabulous spirit and the performances of the children delighted the audience. The playground with different play stations, sandpit, and bouncy castle proved to be a source of unending joy for the kids at STEMNIVAL.

The event was extremely well received, and their happiness was writ large on the “Feedback Wall”.   “The event was delightfully engaging and it was heartening to see our children eager to explore every single station here.” parents participating at the event were quoted as saying.

The Founders of Deeksha STEM graced the occasion with their presence. Speaking on the significance of the occasion Dr. Sridhar G, Founder of Deeksha said “STEM education signifies the centrality of hands-on learning, analytical thinking, engagement with concepts and unfettered creative expression and all of it was represented in STEMNIVAL. We are very happy with the enthusiastic reception it got from the parents.”