Thursday, June 1, 2023

AscentHR recently acquired Curio Technologies, a leisure technology solutions company based in Bangalore. Curio is a fully integrated travel & expense automation solution with complete travel fulfilment and management services included. It integrates T&E requirements, from budgeting, policy enforcement, and online travel booking, to automated expense processing and reimbursement.  

Mr Prabhakar Sourirajulu, Vice President of Growth Initiatives commented on the acquisition, “The Curio acquisition is a consious step towards our aspiration for horizontal diversification in leisure tech space and also compiments our current payroll and HR services stack. It will enable our existing clients and prospective customers to realise real-time expense administration while providing the required visibility to make rapid business decisions.”  

Organisations often struggle to ensure compliance with corporate travel policies, enhance user experience, and mitigate risks without automated workflow and optimised processes for managing expenses. Curio, a mid-sized company helps entities to account for and file compliance-related reports for applicable GST or VAT with an automated process, delivering productivity and efficiency. Utilising Curio’s platform, companies can reduce their T&E costs by enabling quick changes to their travel policies and eligibility criteria and by consistently applying and enforcing these policies during the T&E process.  

AscentHR will integrate Curio’s service offerings with their existing SOs and is dedicated to enhancing the platform’s qualities and capacities regularly. In addition to addressing all corporate travel and entertainment requirements, this platform enables corporate travellers to have a unified application for booking and reporting travel expenses through pre-filled expense reports that showcase the total cost of the journey.