Thursday, June 1, 2023

Soundarya Sharma has taken everyone by surprise with her performance in the webseries country mafia. She would be elated to see the response her series is getting but she is busy entertaining the nation in the bigg Boss house. Soundarya has given a totally breakthrough performance and one for ages to be remembered. She has stood tall with the might of co actors such as Ravi Kishan, Anita Raj, Satish Kaushik. She has portrayed the character of nannu with aplomb and everyone is surprised how the big dimpled cheek girl can play such a ruthless gangster.

We had a long conversation with her before she left for the bigg Boss house and here is what she had said then, “It’s a performance unlike any other that i had done or seen recently. The preparation was a huge part. Getting yhe dialect, the body language right was of utmost importance. That is when my initial training helped me a lot. I worked with coaches but on set i was on my own. I fed off the energy of the settings and the environment and the performances. We had some celebrated cast and it was a great learning experience. I hope the audience loves it. They are the ultimate validation we all actors need it from. Looking forward with baited breath.”

She would be elated to hear of the response but sadly it will take some time for her to know of this as she is in the bigg Boss house. But nevertheless she is the truly blue eyed entertainer and we wish her many more amazing performances and breakthrough characters.