Sunday, March 26, 2023

Mr. Shanay Shah, President said: “I am happy to report that hospital revenue continued to grow by 13.5% (excluding covid and vaccination impact) Y-o-Y with robust EBITDA margin of 24% in Q2 FY23.

During the quarter, a total of 6,806 elective surgeries were performed, grew by 10% y-o-y. In-patients counts of 12,606 in Q2 FY23 saw a jump of 19% y-o-y. Occupied beds increased to 600 up by 16% in Q2 FY23 as compared to 517 in Q2 FY22. ARPOB an ALOS were recorded at Rs.33,439 and 3.90 respectively in Q2 FY23 vis-à-vis Rs 33,977 and 4.02 in the same quarter of the previous year. Our core specialty such as Arthroplasty, Oncology, Cardiac Science, Orthopedic, Critical care & General Medicine, and Neurology contributed 83% to the revenues respectively in Q2 FY23.

International revenue continued to make traction in Q2 FY23 with revenues of Rs 20.8 million whereby majority of the patients came from East African countries. Homecare business picked up very well with revenue of Rs. 22.5 million, grew by 27% y-o-y with patient served count of 6,818 in Q2 FY23. The Shalby Academy vertical also showed a promising response with 1,093 students enrolled for various healthcare programs during Q2 FY23.

Our Realized Return on Capital Employed from hospital business recorded at 17% in H1 FY23 on annualized basis. We have closed the quarter with a net cash balance of Rs. 561 million at group level and are well positioned to fund our strategic growth plans. Shalby continued to add many milestones backed by clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. We are proud to make a positive difference in people lives.”

Mr. Sushobhan Dasgupta, Vice Chairman and Global President said: “Our hospital business continued to deliver consistent performance in all key operational and financial indicators in the 2nd quarter of FY 2023 year-on-year basis with increase in occupancy rate to 49% and double-digit growth in surgery count. The said performance is a result of the continuous all-rounded efforts taken by Shalby through various business development initiatives throughout the country.