Sunday, March 26, 2023

One of the most visible and important convenience point for citizens is the bus shelter on the streets and we at Signpost India, take pride in being appointed by the city authority as the custodian of this significant public convenience, which is of immense use for facilitating travel of 1.9 million people every day. The new shelters will consume less space, have an aesthetic design and be visually appealing. They will have a wide range of features including tactile floor for visually impaired, leaning bar, tiered seating, video analytics camera, bilingual advisories, extended roof, retro reflective floor graphics, anti-skid floor and smart digitized display. This 20-year contract covers the installation, upkeep, maintenance and operation of 2500+ bus shelters

Shripad Ashtekar, Founder & Managing Director, Signpost India Limited said, “Our belief has been on the strategy that is based on innovation, design, quality and sustainable development. Through these bus shelters, we seek to create added value for citizens, businesses, and authorities.” He added “Signpost India now has exclusive rights for leading transit media in Mumbai – iconic BEST Buses, Bus Shelters and Mumbai Metro Rail Network Lines 7 and 2A. This establishes our portfolio as the largest transit and digital out -of -home media ownership in the city of Mumbai.

Signpost India offers comprehensive DOOH media solutions across Airports, Metro, Transit and Street furniture across India.