Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The monsoon is drawing to an end which implies that our body needs to be taken extra care of due to all the weather changes it is about to experience. Procter & Gamble owned Vicks VapoRub collaborates with Actor and Dancer Shriya Pilgaonkar of Mirzapur fame to talk about her health regime and her association with their long-standing legacy product Vicks VapoRub. Shriya who is a complete Mumbaikar by heart talks about how she enjoys the rains in Mumbai. Right from long drives to getting drenched in the rain accompanied by some piping hot vada pav & chai she loves it all.

But along with its share of joy, monsoon is also known for cold and cough. To this, Shriya’s suggestion is to go all out and enjoy every season with all your heart but by having Vicks VapoRub by your side. The health-conscious actor shares how Vicks VapoRub is her go-to product for cold and cough and how it is something that is followed not just by her but also by her family.

Sharing her fondness for home remedies Shriya says, “I love the rains and go all out to enjoy this season but Cold and cough is something I struggle with around this time. My go to option during these days is steam inhalation and applying Vicks VapoRub on my neck and chest. I do so as soon as I start developing cough & cold and Vicks has always helped me. So, I can enjoy the small joys of life, in every weather.”

Taking care of our health and wellness should be a priority which is something that the pandemic has taught us. With natural ingredients like camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol, Vicks VapoRub gives relief from six cough and cold symptoms.