Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Foxhog Ventures, the Indian arm of a USA Based Venture Capital firm, introduced a slew of progressive policies for all its employees, especially women, and transgender to create a nurturing and conducive environment for its workforce. With this the company is setting new benchmarks and fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment for its employees across the country.

To motivate its employees, the company has also introduced an innovative policy to support its employees with a “Per Day Pay” Policy. With this, the company became the first ever company in India to implement such a policy for their employees across their branches across the country, including both rural and urban areas. A daily pay incentive allows employees to access their earnings whenever they need to, ensuring that they always have cash on hand in case of emergencies or when paydays and bill due dates do not line up. The goal of Foxhog is to dramatically enhance the lives of those who work for a company while considering employee productivity.

In addition, the company has relocated to a beautifully constructed, opulent office facility, which speaks volumes about Foxhog’s commitment to its clients and employees. Foxhog Ventures India has also grown its micro-representative branches in nine states and opened offices in all twenty-three states in the country.

Speaking on the announcement, Tarun Poddar, India Head, Foxhog Ventures said “Our objective is to establish a truly inclusive and adaptable work environment in which our employees feel valued, supported, and a sense of belonging. At Foxhog, we want all our employees to have not only a healthy work-life balance but also a healthy mental-physical balance. With the changing needs of the current era, especially post-covid, we wish to foster an environment in which both work, and life can flourish concurrently. We want them to feel that we understand their requirements and have their backs while they juggle work and home responsibilities”.

Additionally, the company recently introduced Foxhog as India’s first venture capital firm targeting women entrepreneurs. The company has set aside 100% of its employment and operational positions for women, and it will invest in and incubate businesses led by female entrepreneurs and founded by women.