Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Hiranandani Group, a luxury real estate company, has formed a multi-year partnership with Padukone Sports Management, a badminton coaching facility formed by Padmashri Prakash Padukone and Co-founded by Dronacharya Vimal Kumar to provide the best in class badminton training. For the first time, Padukone Sports Management (PSM) is collaborating with residential development in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. PSM will provide skilled and experienced badminton trainers in the Racquet Club, for the members of Hiranandani Group properties, Thane West.

The contract is designed to nurture and develop young talent who will someday represent India in the world’s most prestigious sporting events. Padukone Sports Management is a well-known name in the badminton world, offering growth to its trainees along with the best of opportunities. PSM also offers Coaches Certification Programs (CCP), where the best coaches are made post extensive analysis through theory as well as practical knowledge. Despite the fact that badminton is the second most popular sport in the country after cricket, there is a dearth of infrastructure and organized training. Which is being explored and handled through this partnership.

Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, Co-founder & Director, Hiranandani Group, “Hiranandani Group is one of India’s most trusted real estate brands. And we maintain this trust by delivering the best-in-class infrastructure and amenities. Hiranandani Group fully understands the idea of a dream home and has always strived to provide the best facilities for its customers. The same is also true about our sports and fitness facilities. The sports facilities across all Hiranandani properties are designed and built on strict international standards”

“When it comes to tennis, badminton, squash, and swimming, the Hiranandani Group provides the best-in-class sports infrastructure. We have consistently built a robust and world-class sports infrastructure in projects across India. We have always endeavored to serve our residents and urge them to care for their well-being, and this affiliation will actualize that goal even further. And to further this care and concern for the residents, the Hiranandani Group has partnered with Padukone Sports Management (PSM) giving the residents the best platform to learn and get trained. Together with the residents, we are thrilled about the collaboration, which is the first of its kind with a residential community in the MMR region. This will be our first collaboration, and we are extremely excited to get them off the ground.”, added Mr. Surendra Hiranandani.

Padmashri Prakash Padukone,“I congratulate the Hiranandani Group on promoting badminton through this collaboration. I am glad to see such a magnificent sports facility designed by the Hiranandani Group. Sports are an integral part of education. Every child should be encouraged to participate in some kind of sport. Not necessarily to become champions, but to learn great virtues like discipline, concentration, teamwork, focus, and most importantly, to accept and learn from defeats. “