Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Running a business is a tough task they say, but seems like Dance choreographer turned entrepreneur/ content creator from Mumbai has already has the passion to build a performing arts career . Mithali is today having a successful career in Mumbai, she has put her talent to good use.

Since childhood Mithali loved teaching dance and she started to choreograph at an early age of 11 to her classmates and seniors during her school’s annual functions and various competitions.

Mithali was fortunate to have her parents support in fulfilling her dreams by graduating in Performing Arts from SLP College, Leeds U.K. Mithali had ample opportunities to progress her career in developed nations. However, she chose to return to Mumbai, her motherland.

Mithali started her career assisting Bollywood choreographer Sanjay Shetty in 2014 in Mumbai. She has assisted in several shows like IIFA Awards, Star Screen, Zee Cine, Indian Premier League (IPL) opening ceremony, Global Citizen Festival Mumbai and many more international shows.

Since Mithali had strong academic foundation from international institutes and industry experience. This was the time when Mithali with her family’s support decided to move on by starting her own brand Bombay Institute for Performing Arts popularly known as BIPA , established in 2017. She and her faculty educates and trains young students from the age of 4 and above in Performing Arts to become strong, disciplined and confident performers in various dance forms.

Mithali also has collaborated with NGO – Parents of Down Syndrome (PODS) giving them an opportunity to perform shows hosted by BIPA. It has given a solid dance foundation, building stage confidence, and providing those children platform with a lifelong love for dance.

In India dance was not considered as a main stream career , on August 2018 , under the leadership of MP Shri Gopal Shetty (North Mumbai constituency), Mithali Shetty and her father Mr. Ganesh Shetty (Director, BIPA) met then Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Shri Ananth Kumar Hegde and Minister for Culture and Tourism Shri Mahesh Sharma to propose “Performing Arts – Dance/Singing/Acting” as one of the core job roles under Media and Entertainment Sector.

Subsequently the proposal was approved and included as one of the 251 Skill India Job Role in 2019 as a Dancer Job Role. Mithali believes that this initiative would also support dancers who do not have formal training or certifications and under privileged children having dance potential and wants to follow their passion will get an opportunity to pursue a mainstream career in the Performing Arts sector. 

Mithali has built everything from scratch, including being a content creator and influencer too. She has been creating dance video content on various social media platforms which has helped thousands of peoples across the globe to watch and learn from her videos specially the short dance tutorials which have gained millions of views on Instagram and Youtube. She is highly appreciated by her fans and followers not only in India but around the world.

She has collaborated with Colors TV for Dance Deewane Season 3, having the golden chance to moving her feet with Bollywood’s dance queen herself, actor, Madhuri Dixit . Mithali has worked with several other artists today as a dance artist and creator.reator.