Sunday, March 26, 2023

Clensta, a Gurgaon-based new-age start-up, has introduced a new logo and brand identity with an intent to enhance consumer connect. Long operating in the space of creating innovative, market-first products, Clensta has been best known for developing waterless technology backed bathing solutions. However, they have now leveraged on their innovation capabilities to fully enter the consumer space with diverse offerings in categories such as skincare, haircare, wellness, home care and others. The Caspian backed start-up believes this allows it to chase a much larger TAM (total addressable market). With this in mind, it was necessary for them to refresh their brand and overall identity.

The arc in the new logo design depicts progress; moving forward from one point to the other. This fits in with their new tagline: “The Better Way”. It also reflects Clensta’s ambition of being an umbrella brand which straddles multiple categories. The colours, blue and yellow, stand for trust and progress, respectively. Thus, this new design reflects the brand narrative and promise of Clensta.

As a purpose driven brand, Clensta wishes to deviate from tradition and carve its own way instead of following the usual route. Empowered by a strong emphasis on research and innovation, Clensta seeks to be a value generator by offering distinctive proposals to address unresolved problems. It aspires to tap into newer audiences and expand its TG by presenting before customers a wider array of choices. Choices which lead to better care and outcomes for the consumer, as well as an improvement in the environment. All of these ideas are encapsulated in the brand pillars for Clensta – integrating nature & technology, sustainability and thoughtfulness.