Sunday, March 26, 2023

Eid is here and while each family has it’s unique traditions and celebrations, one thing that remains common is the feeling of love and affection among the entire family. Shama Sikander shares how she spends this day with her closest ones and how they make it the most special day ever. 

“From the tastiest delicacies to the laughter and moments shared by everyone, Eid is one when no one is left behind. Our mom makes the most delicious meals and fills the entire table with our favorite foods. The smell of all that yummy food is mingled with the fragrance of love and its the best thing I  can think of.”

The actress believes that festivals demand that quality time be spent with family on occasions like these. “I feel that the entire year you work so hard and so on days like birthdays and Eid you must take time out for your loved ones and celebrate with them. Because honestly,  Eid isn’t Eid without your people around.”