Thursday, June 1, 2023

RESET TECH Global Pvt Ltd, an AI-driven holistic health-tech platform in association offers therapeutic health solutions to lifestyle diseases using natural, sustainable and traditional methods of yoga and meditation  

S-VYASA is an internationally recognized yoga and Ayurveda university and research institution renowned for its traditional treatments and science-backed yoga practices. They are supported by the Union Ministry of Ayush.  

RESET TECH Global Pvt Ltd and S-VYASA collectively launch a disease-free India movement (Rog Mukt Bharat). They have recently introduced a health app called Aayu at the hands of Hon’ble Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai. It will provide a holistic approach for treatment and consultation on lifestyle and chronic diseases. The aim of the app is to effectively provide users with personalized wellness solutions and offer doctor consultations based on an individual’s personal history and monitor their progress enabling them to accelerate their healing and recovery. 

Karan Talreja, Founder and MD, RESET TECH Global Pvt Ltd: While modern medicine works to address and control the symptoms of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, Yoga and naturopathy have the potential to address their root causes and help repair the body by restoring its natural harmony with the environment. Looking at the market opportunity and mandate, a lot of startups are emerging with modern-day technology, and are now changing the way consumers practice yoga by cutting out the need to go to a studio altogether, bringing the yoga experts to the home in the form of live or on-demand streaming. We believe in therapeutic health solutions to lifestyle diseases using natural, sustainable and traditional methods of yoga and meditation. will be more effective and ensure long-term care and cure.  

Dr. HR Nagendra, Chancellor, S-VYASA: Yoga is gaining popularity as an accessible, acceptable, and affordable practice for both the mind and body. People are turning to yoga for mental health improvement.  It has been observed that around 15-25% population is suffering from depression, in which around 10% of people are suffering from mild depression, and for that 10 % of people don’t need any medication. So, here yoga comes into play. We need to synergize the efforts of all Yoga Institutions in the world toward this objective of bringing mental peace, health, harmony, and love between countries and communities. The International Day of Yoga on June 21st is the most needed mandate for setting the imbalances right in the world today. June 21st, the longest day is chosen as that day for all of us to celebrate, and channel our energies towards global peace.”