Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Hungarian marque KEEWAY announced exciting introductory prices for its new product line up – Sixties 300i and Vieste 300. The products which received a massive response from the customers come with an exciting introductory price tag – Sixties 300iat Rs. 2,99,000/-(Ex-showroom, India), & Vieste 300 at Rs. 2,99,000/- (Ex-showroom, India).

Founded in 1999 in Hungary, KEEWAY has built upon its guiding principles of fusing timeless style with cutting-edge technology and has a thriving presence in over 98 countries today. Keeway has a reputation for producing high-quality, sophisticated, and reliable mobility products at competitive prices.

The company’s ambitious plan for India is to introduce a total of 8 products across 4 categories by the end of 2022. Two dynamic products each in the categories of high-end scooters, muscular cruisers, sport motorcycles, and retro-street motorcycles, will help cater to a wide range of customers. KEEWAY is also extending the best-in-class 2-year unlimited KMS warranty as a standard offering.

Both these products of KEEWAY are feature-rich, performance-driven vehicles and come with a tech-enabled solution – KEEWAY Connect System. The integrated GPS unit with SIM card connects to the KEEWAY application and telecasts the whereabouts of the vehicle anywhere and anytime. An inbuilt battery powers the system and the vehicle can accurately track to 2.5 meters of its vicinity and for up to 3 hours even with the unit disconnected from the main battery. Other key features of the application include – remote switching off the engine, setting up of a geo-fence, maintaining ride records, setting max speed limit, and sharing location information with friends on community rides. For assistance during emergency requirements, the panic button feature helps transmit real-time location to 2 pre-set contacts via the app and also sets the process to avail roadside assistance.

Partnering with Adishwar Auto Ride India, KEEWAY would leverage Benelli’s 40+ dealer network across the country and the assembly plant that is well equipped to meet its ambitious growth plan.