Sunday, March 26, 2023

Due to the out break of Carona Virus around the world, and Covid 19  restrictions Sporting activities could commence in Mumbai after a gap of almost 2 years.  under the banner of  The Mumbai Football Association.

The Elite division Corporate league football match was  played at the Andheri Sports Complex wherein the Ace rivals Central Bank Of India and Union bank of India  played an exciting match, which is popularly known as the derby match played between the two bankers.

The young and energetic players of CBOI  performed extremely well through out the game and won the bankers derby match by scoring 5 goals to 2  against their aces rivals UBI.

Young Players of both CBOI and UBI showcased their talents and performed extremely well from the beginning of the match but hard working CBOI players created more chances for scoring goals.compared to UBI .

 CBOI took the lead by scoring a goal in the 22nd minute of the 1st half, goal was scored by their young  hard working and outstanding forward Mustafa Ansari, the lead was enhanced again by star striker Kamaran Ansari and by than CBOI was leading by 2 goals to nil.

Young players of UBI fought back and reduced the margin by scoring a goal scored by Om Arane.,at the break CBOI was leading by 2 goals to 1 against their aces rivals UBI.

The second half of the match was very much exciting  UBI players combined well and equalized by scoring another goal scored by their young player Pradeep Behera. and now both the teams were sharing 2 goals each.

There after young players of CBOI played their hearts out and scored 3 goals within  10 minutes. The goals was scored in the 72nd , 76th and  82nd minute of the game by Kamaran Ansari , Hafiz  Rahman and Brandon David. respectively

At the end of the 90 minutes regulation time CBOI won the match against their aces rivals UBI by scoring 5 goals against 2.