Sunday, March 26, 2023

The historical importance of the place can be traced from the fact that the place, Now  known as Matunga, was previously the abode of Mathangarishi who, after performing. Mahayagnas on the banks of Pumpa acquired the coveted status of Maharishi. As a vestige of the ancient past, the banyan tree exists even to this date fulfilling the desires of thousands of devotees. The spiritual growth of the Samaj over the years, coupled with the full support of the devotees enabled the installation of other deities – Lord Karthikeyan (1965) Navagraha Idols (1967) Lord Kochu Guruvayurappan (1974) and Swamy Ayyappan (1978).   The religious festivals are held throughout the year.  The daily poojas are conducted strictly by Vedic, Tantric and Agama scriptures.

The Samaj has also a Kalyana Mandapam within the premises with modern facilities in the name of Sree Sita Rama Kalyana Mandapam which is one of the best facility to  devotees and the general public  for conducting  marriages, Upanayanam and any religious or social functions.

Today, The Asthika Samaj, Matunga is established center of the religious and cultural life of Mumbai. The Samaj owes its present status to the loyal support of the members, devotees and the public at large.

Deity of Sri Guruvayurappan was installed at Asthika Samaj on 30.05.1974 by late Sri Parameshwaran Namboothiripad of then thanthri Sri Guruvayur temple,Kerala.The Asthika Samaj is 98 years old institution of its type in Mumbai.

Asthika Samaj celebrates this important day every year. This year it starts with special poojas and homams on 25.5.22 and concludes on 30.05.2022 with 108 DRSVIYA KALASASBHISHEKAM. The Poojas Kalabhabhishekam and other functions will be led by present thantri of Sri Guruvayur temple Bhramhasri Dineshan Namboothripad..