Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star Limited, today announced that the Company has launched its new, indigenously designed, range of deep freezers as well as has augmented its manufacturing footprint with its new world-class manufacturing facility at Wada.

New range of deep freezers offering optimum storage space and cooling

The new, indigenously designed and manufactured, range of deep freezers, comes with temperature controls ranging between +2°C to -24°C. Available in both, hard top and glass top options, these elegant deep freezers, offer optimum storage space with storage capacities ranging from 300 liters to 650 liters.

In addition, these are embedded with superior technologies for highly efficient performance including technologies that provide even and optimum cooling from four sides; and ensure greater heat transfer for efficient cooling; amongst others.

Besides, they come with 10% higher insulation leading to a longer holding time in case of a power failure.

New world-class manufacturing facility at Wada

The Company’s new manufacturing facility at Wada, purpose-built to cater to the production of the Company’s Commercial Refrigeration products and solutions, in particular deep freezers and water coolers, is fully equipped with the latest advanced manufacturing systems, and imbibes global best practices in its operations. Built with a CAPEX of around Rs 130 crores, this facility is constructed on a built-up area of around 19,300 sq m, and has the capacity to produce around 2,00,000 deep freezers and 1,00,000 storage water coolers per annum.

With this new plant, Blue Star has doubled its production capacity of deep freezers!

Products and solutions across the entire cold value chain  

With a rich pedigree of over 78 years, the Company has been offering a wide spectrum of commercial refrigeration products and cold chain equipment catering to various segments such as Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Agriculture, Dairy, Ice-cream, Processed Foods, Sea Food and Meat processing, Horticulture, Banana Ripening, HORECA, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail Outlets, and several institutional clients.

Blue Star’s world-class products and solutions not only preserve the flavour but also retain the efficacy of the perishables stored in them, thereby ultimately extending the shelf life of the perishables, and in turn, enabling Blue Star’s customers to enhance the lives of their businesses—be it producers, dealers, intermediaries, and the end-users, all of whom are tremendously benefitted, and continue to flourish. Hence, the value proposition ‘Enhancing Life’ truly resonates with and is apt for all the products and solutions offered by Blue Star!

The Company’s range of commercial refrigeration products and solutions is extensive and includes deep freezers, bottle coolers, storage water coolers, bottled water dispensers, visi coolers, modular cold rooms, commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment such as reach-in coolers/freezers, under counters, saladettes, back bar chillers, blast coolers and freezers, medical refrigeration equipment such as medical freezers (upto -20°C), ultra-low temperature freezers (-86°C), pharma refrigerators (+2°C to +8°C), blood bank refrigerators, ice lined refrigerators (+2°C to +8°C), vaccine transporters (+8°C to -20°C), mortuary chambers, and supermarket refrigeration equipment such as multideck chillers, upright freezers, and island coolers/freezers, covering all that is required in a typical supermarket.

Inverter condensing units for cold room applications

Blue Star has launched highly energy-efficiency inverter condensing units which are embedded with Inverter Compressor Technology and BLDC Fan Motor. These units have a wide range of temperature controls starting from 2°C to 25°C, and can work up to 52°C ambient temperature. They come with matching indoor units, and are apt for small and medium cooling needs, mainly required by E-Retail/Retail, QSR, Hotels, Pharma, and Horticulture segments.

Blue Star has been a pioneer in introducing inverter-based systems in India backed by its in-house R&D and manufacturing prowess. 

Eco-friendly technologies

With a strong focus on sustainability, the Company endeavours to adopt eco-friendly technologies in the manufacturing of its products. In fact, Blue Star is the first company to have adopted eco-friendly technologies for the manufacturing of PUF panels. Besides, its range of products uses eco-friendly refrigerants too. The Company continues to get recognised by the Indian Government for adopting greener technologies.

Blue Star’s commercial refrigeration products are well known for quality, reliability, and durability, and have earned the trust of millions of customers, making Blue Star one of the leading players in this industry.

Manufacturing and R&D prowess

Blue Star has an expansive manufacturing footprint spanning five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and two new in the pipeline. The Company also has one of the best R&D facilities in India with AHRI-certified testing labs, and the largest talent pool of engineers. This has helped the Company in incorporating cutting-edge technologies in all its new product developments.