Sunday, March 26, 2023


BHOOKELA!- A QSR started amidst lockdown which is the one stop solution for your hunger, serving a variety in burgers, momos, pizzas, rolls, etc.

BHOOKELA! has come up with the first ever Bread Matka invented and  curated by the founders which is also the best selling product.

The founders are Mr. Vishal Roundhal and Ms. Sharayu Kadam. The former had a 9 to 5 job earlier, whereas the latter is a professor.

The founder couple themselves being big foodies came up with BHOOKELA! which caters for the needs of every age group- from the kids to the oldies. So one has everything at a place.

We believe in serving the best quality, thus, all our products are free of MSG.

The dips are also curated with special ingredients adding to the USP of the brand.

BHOOKELA! started as a small food business and transformed in a spacious outlet just within a year with a lot of recognition and love from the people, making it #peoplesfavourite

With today’s fast paced life where time is the biggest asset, we say BHOOKELA! is the future of  QSR as, you get it all with us and  you won’t have to find places to have a variety in your meal.

The brand has immense potential and we dream to serve the people all over the world with BHOOKELA!

Every Bite Has an Impact : The sauces and dips used at BHOOKELA! are curated adding our special ingredients which enhances the taste to its best

The sauces and dips are one more USP. he Bhookela Bread Basket is a dish which is invented and curated for all the bread lovers by the owners, where you have 6 bread pieces with 6 different toppings- Classic Garlic Bread, Cheese Garlic Bread, Mexican Bread, Italian Bread, Indian Tadka and The Sweet Bread

The brand started with the motive of serving every age group from kids to the oldies and thus, it is a One Stop Solution !

We provide the best quality and we have customised dips and sauces which is the USP of all the dishes

Courtesy : In Conversation with Restaurateurs ‘Vishal & Sharayu at BHOOKELA , Prabhadevi ,Mumbai