Wednesday, March 29, 2023


We’ve always thought of starting a new dining place in Lalbaug, Mumbai that would act as a melting pot of different foods and cultures of Asia.

We wanted to bring some diversity in the area and thought of taking the untraditional route which led us to start working on our dream.

We began our mission of offering the best Pan Asian cuisines right before the pandemic in 2020.

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We were confident in our concept and the way we wanted to brand and market our new pan Asian restaurant

We are very grateful to have been able to start this restaurant and to receive all

the love and appreciation from our customers and our dear friends amidst the challenges we faced during Covid-19. 

The appreciation and positive feedback motivated us to work even harder and provide delicious and mouth watering dishes to our customers

This also led to word of mouth advertising, resulting in more customers for us to serve and cater to.

The combination of the food options we offer is pretty unique as we prepare.

Malaysian, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese food. Malaysian dishes are spicy and flavorful whereas Thai food has fresh flavor with sweet and tangy taste

We try our best to bring authentic flavors of these different countries in one place called the “ASIAN FUSION’.

We hope to continue serving our customers and tickling their taste buds with our variety of dishes.” 

Courtesy : In Conversation with Mr.Suresh Shetty – Restaurateur , ASIAN FUSION , Lalbaug, Mumbai