Thursday, June 1, 2023

Exploration is a fiercely outdoor activity, and kids are now more and more indoors. Outdoor adventure provides kids with meaningful life lessons, and they develop essential social skills, boost their immunity and reduce stress. Most importantly, they learn how the world works and encourage learning and problem-solving skills. To emphasize the power of exploration, Merlinwand, a publishing startup committed to making each child their own hero through the art of personalized storytelling, has launched its new book, “The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer.”

The book was launched on Facebook and Instagram on May 7, the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore, India’s only Nobel Prize winner in literature. Consumers can purchase the books from the official website of merlinwand. The book entails the imagination of fiction writer and dance academy founder Pujita Krishna. She has had a diverse career spanning several areas, including media, film, journalism, community work, teaching, and training. ‘A Bird in Flight’ and ‘Smitten’ are some of her stories.

The Unusual Adventures of a Gutsy Explorer is the story of an individualistic and inventive youngster. The thirst for unusual and exciting adventures sets this carefree kid on a fruitful, mission-filled, and adventurous journey from a picturesque Indian village to different parts of the world. He cycles down the world’s most dangerous road, travels to the land that dates to the time of the pharaohs, walks through mesmerising bazaars and dramatic landscapes, and rides atop Bactrian camels.

The illustrator, Abira Das, has extended her creative expertise to every page of the book to entice children to read books and address the looming “screen-time problem.”

How to Personalise?

You can personalise the book by choosing any three locations to explore from Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, Mongolia, Bolivia, and the Western Ghats! It will help children better understand what they are reading and develop self-connections by allowing them to be their own heroes.

Commenting on the launch Sudarshan Vig, CEO, Merlinwand said, “We understand children’s desire for adventure and their need to stand out from the crowd. So through our new unique story, we want to help kids explore the world where they can learn and create in a fun and engaging way. We have another interesting story in the pipeline titled “The Land Beyond the Moon”, which is about a child who is coping with the loss of their pet. Apart from this, we are in the process of tying up with corporates to create customised storybooks.”

The platform’s tagline, ‘Be Your Own Hero,’ symbolises what it enables every child to do: explore their visual thinking potential and awaken their cognition. Apart from that, through its books, the brand aims to develop enduring bonds between children and their families and promote self-esteem and nurture both learning and creativity.