Tuesday, June 6, 2023


A year ago, Sajjad Pavne, a philanthropist with a vision to create an economic balance in society, started an initiative of sharing knowledge in the field of Capital Market under a group called ‘FRIENDS’

It all started when one day, Mr. Pavne was approached by one of his close friends, who was extremely depressed &  on a suicidal mode due to the losses he made in the Capital Market. Mr. Pavne was saddened by his friends’ plight & offered to help him. He told him that he would ensure all his lost money is recovered without investing any new money, but his friend will have to be disciplined & make A PROMISE to him that he would NEVER enter into the Markets until he has gained the desired knowledge that will make him capable enough to do discipline benefitting trades. The PROMISE would be Mr. Pavne’s fee

In a matter of a year, his lost money was recovered and as per the promise, Mr. Pavne’s friend also learnt the trade. He not only started using this knowledge in a disciplined manner, but also told his friends who were in the similar situation about it. His friends also joined the group and were successfully helped by Mr.Pavne

Its’ working for few, and can work for many more, let’s do something for more friends of society were the thoughts that came out during a group meeting of ‘Friends’ and unanimously a call for offering to help those who have lost their money in the Capital Markets was decided to initiate.

‘FRIENDS’ is working towards the philanthropist cause of offering to help anyone who haslost their money in the Capital Market. There is light at the end of the tunnel.Please write to them on committments@gmail.comwith your PROMISE

After all What are FRIENDS for ?

Sajjad Pavne isa strong believer in the fact that the Almighty, the creator of all gave onlyone thing to humans different to the rest of the creation and that is Intelligence. Intelligence = knowledge = wisdom. Each of us has the capacity to become Newtons and Einsteins only if we use our intelligence with right conduct

Sajjad Pavne is a businessman and a teacher and strongly advocates acquiring knowledge as atool to success. He implements his advocacy as a social and economic enabler by imparting the knowledge of Equity Markets for free. He has been a researcher in Equity studies over a decade and has been successful in designing and developing a patent – simplified teaching methodology. His articles appear in the international CS magazine. At the age of 33 years, he was selected by Inquilab a national publication to be amongst the top 25 industrialist’s entrepreneur to be honored. He is a Forensic Photographer from Bournemouth University, UK. He is a post graduate in Law and Legal studies from US