Thursday, June 1, 2023


TABcab, Mumbai’s largest phone fleet taxi with 2800 cabs has entered in an alliance with leading airline GoAir, to give priority service to all GoAir passengers’ bookings cabs at Mumbai Airport. This facility is available at the TABcab counter on Terminal 1A of Mumbai Airport. Under this alliance, all GoAir passengers will be given priority for booking  & allotting TABcab over other airline passengers. GoAir passengers can avail this service by flashing their boarding pass at the booking counter. This special priority service was launched on 1st July 2013 & there has been a tremendous response with 2100 priority bookings in past 20 days.

A GoAir passenger Mr. Santosh Verma said, “An in-flight announcement was made before landing in Mumbai, that we can book a TABcab & will get priority booking. When we checked at the TABcab counter, we got a TABcab allotted within 5 mins, that too without standing in a queue. We just had to show our boarding pass. Nice Experience.”

Booking a taxi has always been a painful exercise at Mumbai Airport. After flying in the best of the aircraft one needs to stand in long queues for booking taxis. This kind of alliance and priority service has ensured uninterrupted comfortable travel experience for GoAir customers

A Spokesperson from TABcab said “GoAir is one of the leading airlines in India. This alliance will benefit the GoAir passengers greatly by reducing their wait time in queue”