Thursday, June 1, 2023

Paramount Surgimed Ltd., a leader in Healthcare & Medical Disposables, introduces AroCast Orthopedic Casting Tape in exciting colors, Blue, Pink, White, Green & Camouflage for patients with fractures. A fracture is a painful affair & can really dampen moods, but Paramount Surgimed gives you a chance to uplift your mood with a  Comfortable & Cheerful looking Cast

The AroCast casting tape is made of pure fiber glass and synthetic resin and is better than the existing orthopedic plaster bandages used for casting. AroCast casting tape by Paramount Surgimed Ltd. is available across the country through the extensive distributor/dealer network of the Company

AroCast orthopedic casting tape effectively hardens and fixes the surface of the cast and it works especially well for Orthopedic Casting, cast bracing, weight bracing, replacement cast, etc. Since AroCast is orthopedic tape made of fibers and resins, it is easy & simple to use, light in weight, vents superbly, is impact resistant, easily applicable to any body area,  provides excellent flexibility & moulding, dries fast and  is environmentally safe (burns up completely)

AroCast orthopedic tape is available in 5 different colors – blue, pink, white, green and camouflage and 4 difference sizes. The price range starts at Rs.570 for 2inch, Rs.650 for 3inch, Rs.790 for 4inch and Rs.895 for 5inch