Tuesday, June 6, 2023


This August, India’s favourite lifestyle channel, TLC brings the international makeover specialists to the country with TRINNY & SUSANNAH’S MAKEOVER MISSION INDIA. In the series, Trinny & Susannah scout for young men and women of different body shapes, sizes, fashion preferences & backgrounds – all in desperate need of a major style intervention. Fast-paced, edgy & entertaining, TRINNY & SUSANNAH’S MAKEOVER MISSION INDIA gives style-challenged men & women, from college students to working couples, a dramatic &  glamorous makeover

TRINNY & SUSANNAH’S MAKEOVER MISSION INDIA premieres every Monday to Friday at 9PM, starting August 12th, only on TLC

In each episode, Trinny and Susannah tackle the conversations with the participants in a fun and easy manner. Together, the hosts strive to bring a sense of individuality and confidence in them as they encourage them to embrace their unique body shapes and sizes and to feel good about themselves. Insanely witty and candid, there’s never a dull moment while the two are around

Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President and General Manager – South Asia & Head of Revenue, Pan-Regional Ad Sales and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “We are committed to offer the Indian viewers the widest variety of entertainment. We present a refreshing mix of international and India-centric programming through our eight networks in the factual, lifestyle, regional and kids genres. This distinct and high quality offering has directed our channels’ nationwide leadership.”

“TLC is an international lifestyle channel and continues to invite viewers to enjoy the existing and emerging trends from India and across the world in the most fascinating fashion. Trinny & Susannah: Makeover Mission India is another first from TLC wherein we have integrated an international show format and world famous personalities with the Indian aspirations.”

World-renowned style experts, Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine have changed the way people from across the world feel about themselves and by far are two of the world’s most popular fashion experts and makeover queens. From Scandanavia to the UK and North America – they have encouraged women to embrace their shapes, dress to impress and turn fashion faux-pas to fashion fabulous. And now, they are headed towards India

Remembering their favourite moments while shooting for the series, Trinny and Susannahsaid, “There was laughter, care, drama, entertainment and beautiful looking women at the end. It was fantastic for us to have the possibility to work in India and increase our knowledge here. We feel that Mumbai is sort of like New York and Delhi is like Paris. It’s so great to continue learning and more about increasing our knowledge here in India.”

Recognised for their witty and candid humour, Trinny and Susannah connect with women at an intimate level and provide great insights into their personal and emotional journey. At the end of each episode, participants flaunt their glamourous new outfits, fresh hairstyles,makeup and are armed with a newfound confidence; the transformed men and women walk the ramp for their friends and family. Along the way, the fashionable duo offers priceless style advice for viewers at home, that can make or break every day looks