Thursday, June 1, 2023

180882_182796445091216_3201970_nRemit2India, World’s No. 1 Independent Online Money Transfer Portal for NRIs has added another useful solution to their existing gamut of services – BillPay2India, unique one-stop bill payment solution – for NRIs to manage their bills in India. This solution targets NRIs the world over who have families in India, need to pay bills or have investments and EMIs to take care of

Today a lot of young Indians working out of the country struggle to pay utility bills for their parents who have retired or confined to their homes. This service will bring relief to all senior citizens who miss out paying bills primarily due to the lack of automated facilities. BillPay2India is the 1st  such cross-border service in the industry and draws from the pain points of Indians abroad & what it takes for them to pay their bills in India

It is gauged that at least 30% of them pay one or more bills in India, involving multiple tasks. One needs to transfer funds from his local account to his bank account in India. Only after this can he pay each individual bill through this account, to every biller separately. As most of these expenses occur on a monthly basis, paying each bill of small amounts for different utilities becomes quite a hassle

This is where BillPay2India comes to the rescue,with its tie-up with over 100 service providers in India. They area cross categories like credit cards, insurance, investments, gas, electricity, mobile and other utility services. By registering with BillPay2India, NRIs canpay their bills without having to go to different portals for each and every payment. And with its fixed rupee transfer mechanism, BillPay2India ensures that an NRI pays the exact bill amount, without worrying about rising or falling exchange rates

Embedded with several features, the prime feature of BillPay2India is its ease of use. According to Avijit Nanda, CEO, Times of Money, “We are constantly working on providing solutions that make the lives of our NRI customers easier. WithBillPay2India, we once again offer a solution that takes care of their hassle of paying bills in India. With major service providers across different categories on our platform and more being added, we feel this is an apt solution for our NRI customers.”