Thursday, June 1, 2023

NComputing, the leader in accelerating the adoption of desktop virtualization, today announced the latest major release of its award -winning  vSpaceServer software. Available  immediately, the new release of vSpaceServer software extends application and desktop virtualization capabilities to Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. The vSpaceServer software is a core component of the vSpace Virtualization Platform, a fully integrated, end-to-end solution from NComputing, to deliver the true benefits of desktop and application virtualization to millions of users worldwide

Market pressures, budget constraints and a mobile workforce are increasingly drivingorganizations to desktop virtualization as a viable alternative to traditionalPC computing. Through a unique combination of simplicity, performance andvalue, NComputing removes the barriers and accelerates the adoption of desktopvirtualization for today’s high priority IT initiatives, including mobility,BYOD and migration to new versions of Windows operating environments

The new release of vSpace Server software addresses today’s market needs with a rich computing experience, enhanced collaboration and increased productivity for corporate users. In addition to significant hardware, management and energy cost savings compared to deploying PCs, IT administrators can also enable theirusers to securely work from anywhere, anytime and on any device

“The latest major release of the vSpace Server software demonstrates NComputing’s continued commitment to simple, powerful and affordable desktop virtualization for mid-size enterprises, small to medium businesses and key verticals. By offering support for the latest Windows environments, users can continue to rely on NComputing technology to grow and adapt to their emerging business needs,” said Raj Dhingra, CEO, NComputing, Inc.

NComputing’s new vSpace Server software complements the growing global adoption of desktop virtualization and management technology by an increasing number and also type of customers. Today, NComputing’s solutions are in use by more than 20 million daily users in 140 countries, and are widely recognized for security, ease of use, high-performance and value. Downloads of vSpace Server software have crossed 10,000 over the past three months,demonstrating solid market traction by healthcare, manufacturing, financial services,education and other market segments

Major new features of  vSpace Server 7.1 software include  :

Support for Windows Server 2012, Windows Multipoint  Server 2012 and Windows 8

The new vSpace Server software extends application and desktop virtualization capabilities for the latest Microsoft environments, including Windows Multipoint Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. This enhances the user experience with improved graphics performance and expanded USB peripheral support

Quick and Easy Scalability to Manage Large Scale Deployments

vSpace Management Center support for the new vSpace Server 7.1 software enables IT administrators to easily manage and scale virtual desktop deployments to tens of thousands ofusers through a simple web-based management console. Using vSpace Management Center, IT administrators can remotely manage vSpace Server software instances on PCs, servers and client devices, such as NComputing L300 or M300 thin clients. These management capabilities extend to vSpace  Client for Windows on PCs, laptops and also BYOD, whether deployed at a single site or multiple sites. The vSpace Management Center dramatically reduces administrative overhead for IT managers to easily maintain and control their virtual desktop environment. Adoption of vSpace Management Center is growing rapidly. 60 percent of customers today represent corporate environments, while 17 percent come from education and 15 percent represent manufacturing, healthcare and the retail markets

New Support and Subscription Programs

World-class software support and new product innovation from NComputing ensures that customers realize maximum value from their desktop virtualization technology investments.Membership in the NComputing Support and Subscription (SnS) programs is now available for the vSpace Server and vSpace Management Center software products.Customers who participate in the vSpace SnS programs are entitled to the new vSpace 7.1 Server software release immediately. Customer purchasing of NComputing SnS is increasing. What’s more, more than 80 percent of SnS purchasers have selected NComputing’s Premium Support option


The new release of the vSpace Server software is available immediately to newcustomers or as an upgrade for existing customers with membership in theNComputing SnS program. The software is included with all new purchases ofNComputing client devices, including the L-series and M-series, and with newsoftware client access licenses