Godrej Yummiez partners with PVR Inox to create awareness of sachetised format of frozen foods


Godrej Yummiez, a leading brand of frozen ready-to-cook products from Godrej Tyson Foods Limited (GTFL), disrupts the frozen foods category by bringing the sachetisation format.  In a category-first move, Yummiez has launched protein-rich pack of two chicken sausage at a very affordable price of INR 30.  The two sausages in this sachetised format offer a combined value of upto 7 grams of protein. This sachetisation of frozen foods like sausages, will democratize frozen foods by making them affordable and accessible for everyone. It is expected to increase consumption of frozen foods amongst masses not only in metropolitan areas but also in Tier II cities and towns.

The frozen foods category in India currently has a penetration rate of less than 5%, indicating ample room for expansion. Traditionally, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian frozen foods have been priced between INR 170 and INR 300. To stimulate category growth and reach a wider audience in various cities and demographics, it is crucial to make these products more accessible by offering them at more affordable price points.

Chicken sausage is typically considered a protein-rich food. Furthermore, there is a growing demand for cold cuts such as sausages, driven by increased exposure through travel experiences and a preference for protein-rich, minimally cooked foods.  This trend is extending beyond metro cities to Tier II and non-capital cities. Recognizing this need, Yummiez, as a leading player in the category, took the initiative to offer its best quality Yummiez chicken sausage in an innovative mini pack priced at just INR 30.  Whether it is the morning omelette, favorite wrap, pizza topping or a green salad, sausage is a versatile product and a perfect accompaniment for every meal anytime of the day.

Commenting on the launch, Abhay Parnerkar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Godrej Tyson Foods Limited, says, “As one of India’s trusted frozen food brands, Godrej Yummiez has pioneered sachetisation in frozen foods making them accessible for everyone. Pricing has been a significant hurdle for consumers when it comes to adoption of frozen foods, and we have significantly lowered the range start buying price by 80% with INR 30 chicken sausage. This empowers individuals to purchase frozen foods based on their consumption preferences and moods without the hassle of storing or freezing in larger quantities.”

He further adds, “Our new chicken sausage aligns well with budget-conscious consumers, also making it a suitable choice for the evolving tier 2 markets. The product is relevant for everyone right from households to outstation students, bachelors and so on. our strategic partnerships with PVR Inox will help raise awareness about this new format and tap into a diverse audience.”

To promote this innovative format amongst consumers from various demographics, Godrej Yummiez has extended its partnership with PVR Inox, the largest chain of multiplexes in India. Godrej Yummiez along with PVR INOX, is running awareness program in Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, whereas 60-second messages of the new format will be showcased on 53 select screens.  

The launch of Chicken Sausage packs at a mere INR 30 by Godrej Yummiez signifies a notable stride in reshaping the landscape of fast and convenient food choices within India. The brand’s dedication is clear; ensuring that delectable, top-notch frozen food is accessible to all, delivering quality without compromising affordability.